Dunk Island Resort

Voyages resorts required 16 new accommodation rooms to the existing resort. We helped select the site & settled on an idyllic isolated beach on the outskirts of the existing accommodation village.

The accommodation building consists of 4 structures containing 4 rooms each over 2 levels. The 4 structures are separated by entry decks & elevated verandahs providing a covered common entry area into the rooms. Each building is off-set to provide articulation & privacy.

The site is entered via a long elevated timber boardwalk from the rear. Once inside the room one looks over a private deck with daybed & timber screened walls for privacy. The private decks lead onto the beach.

A cost effective & environmentally sustainable construction method was required resulting in a simple blockwork structure with a simple pitched roof with large eaves for protection from the elements. The simple structures are articulated with staggered decks & façade treatments. The palette of white painted render, zincalume & hardwood presents a simple beachy aesthetic.


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